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EDBDA Honor Band/ All District Results

Audition Results:


7th Grade:

Zayd Taariq - 6th Chair Alto Sax

Ayson Lanham - 6th Chair French Horn

Ty Prater - 7th Chair French Horn

Bryan Lynn - 7th Chair Trumpet

Cayden Moore - 2nd Chair Trombone

Shaun Hunter - 9th Chair Trombone

Mason Rose - 4th Chair Baritone

Chandler Cook - 3rd Chair Tuba


Junior High:

Sarah Brown - 12th Chair Flute

Abi Bell - 10th Chair Clarinet

Abby Charlton - 11th Chair Clarinet


High School:

Tredon Curtis - 9th Chair Clarinet

Robert Johnson - 10th Chair Trumpet

Alexander Worthy - 1st Chair Bari Sax

Jace Berry - Alternate Trumpet

Daniel Tompkins - 8th Chair Trombone

Nicholas Bradford - Alternate Baritone

Hallie Lane - Alternate Bass Clarinet

Andrew Worley - 1st Chair Alto Sax


Passed on to 2nd Round All-State:

Tredon Curtis

Alexander Worthy

Daniel Tompkins 



Honor Band