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Virtual Summer School

2016 Virtual Summer School

          Session 1: May 16 – June 6

       Session 2: June 6 – June 28


  • COST:  $100.00 per course.


  • Payment, completed application, and enrollment card must be returned to Mrs. Turner at EHS, by May 12th.


  • Cash or Money Order ONLY. No Checks please.


  • REFUND POLICY:     No refund after Tuesday, May 19th. No refund if removed for disciplinary reasons.


  • MANDATORY ORIENTATION:  Students and parent(s) must attend an orientation on Monday, May 16th at 9:00 a.m. at the High School library. Check in at High School office.


    • May only take a maximum of one (.5) credit online courses per session. (1 semester). Computer Applications is the only 1.0 credit allowed in 1 session.
    • Students must use their own computer and have internet access.
    • Students must complete all online courses by the course end dates.
    • Students will be dismissed from the course for “non-accessing”. No Refund & No Credit.
    • Eufaula Schools will not provide computer or internet access.
    • Credit recovery course assignments must be passed with a 60% and First time credit course assignments must be passed with a 60%.
    • Cumulative exams must be scheduled with and proctored by the Virtual School Director. **Cumulative exams must be passed with a 60% in order to receive course credit.